Top Image Systems Announces Innovative eFLOW(R) CrowdBridge Solution Developed Using Amazon Mechanical Turk | Virtual-Strategy Magazine | Image Effects, Filters, Masks and Other Image Processing Methods |

Top Image Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq:TISA) a leading ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) and mobile content processing solutions provider, announced today the launch of its new and innovative eFLOW® CrowdBridge solution developed using Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling secure and efficient data validation on crowdsourcing platforms. Leveraging and extending the robust web and cloud enablement capabilities of its recently released eFLOW5® platform, TIS has developed a crowdsourcing service using AWS that is available today on Amazon Mechanical Turk and allows enterprises to extract, mask and deliver components of structured and unstructured content from enterprise documents to the crowd, where it can be accurately, efficiently, economically and securely validated and returned to the enterprise's content management system

eFLOW CrowdBridge enables enterprises to flexibly adjust resources to actual work volume, preventing overload and bottlenecks at peak times and reducing overhead when demand is low. By supplementing or substituting on-site data validation resources using the crowd, enterprises will substantially reduce IT and labor resource costs. Enterprises can enjoy the low costs of off-site cloud-based manual data entry on the crowd platform with fully secure integration with their on-site data and document processing system and easily accessible Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) online file storage web service, helping enterprises to comply with certain enterprise data privacy protection regulations and without any additional investment in IT resources. The solution is in production at a leading enterprise in Europe, who reports high satisfaction from its implementation to date.  

"Our enterprise customers are interested in using Amazon Mechanical Turk with sensitive content," said Sharon Chiarella, Vice President, Amazon Mechanical Turk. "The TIS solution allows documents to be securely presented to workers in the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace. We are pleased that TIS has chosen to develop their solution on Amazon Mechanical Turk."