may nineteen: How to: Overlay on PicsArt | Image Effects, Filters, Masks and Other Image Processing Methods |

Recently found people "drawing" cute stuffs on their pictures and upload to Instagram? When asked for the app they use, "PicsArt" was always the answer? However you explored that app but still can't get those "cute drawings"? Then you have not explored hard enough! I am someone who prefer exploring the apps I downloaded before asking how to do, I don't usually ask unless I really don't know how. I am quite a 爱面子 kind of person. Hahaha. Yesterday I spent about half an hour figuring out how to get those "cute drawings". The correct term for that is actually "overlay". I saved a number of overlays into my phone and created an album specially for that. I will not be uploading them here because it does not belong to me. I googled "overlay PicsArt", I too grabbed a few from @laneoverlays (instagram).