Illustrator gets 4 new features for 2014 | Illustrator | Creative Bloq | Image Effects, Filters, Masks and Other Image Processing Methods |

"It's over half a year since Adobe moved Illustrator and the rest of the Creative Suite to its subscription-only Creative Cloudservice, and it's clear that, whatever you think of the company's new business model, it's determined to stay the course.

With 1.4 million paying members, the Cloud is now the only game in town for Adobe, and it knows that the only way it can keep, and extend, its paying audience is by making the software better and better. To that end, 50 'new and enhanced' features were added to the Creative Cloud tools in 2013, and today marks the beginning of a major new rollout of features for 2014, with more than 20 additions to its core tools, Photoshop CC,Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. So what's new in Illustrator today? "